Xuan Liu

Xuan Liu is a Chinese multi-disciplinary artist based in between Shanghai/Nanchang/London.

Her studio work has largely focused on analogue and digital audio technologies, sculpture, video, performances and event productions. continued into auditory, multidisciplinary and philosophical studies in particular. She is trying to use the concept of the sonic event to produce her working net and continue into auditory, multidisciplinary and philosophical studies in particular

Xuan has been immersed in several sound work productions; a research project on the sound ontology and sonic fiction theory into sonic structures(theoretical, architectural, biological, temporal), interactive and ‘misused’ low-fi media, and interdisciplinary collaborative networks. She worked individually and collaboratively to explore notions and concepts of both the merging of noumenal experience and fiction, negotiating between the human body’s sensory epistemology and the development of sound technology, contemporary spiritualism and ritual, expanded theatre and improvisation which she uses phenomenology, sound ontology, case study and semiotics research methodology to investigate and interpret the Sound Art.

Her projects try to encourage the audience to be a part of the flow of sound energy; using their interactions through participation with the works to recognise the core spirit of the sound. The impromptu sound takes advantage of the sporadic nature of physical contact and the visceral participation of reverberation. The sound is enriched through the open interaction of the technology between the audience and her.